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Our Clergy

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Rob has worshiped at St. Paul's for nearly 30 years.  And was ordained Non Stipendiary Minister on 28 September 2008.  A local farmer, he has been married to Jane for almost 30 years and are blessed with twins, Mark and Sarah.


      In 2008 Rob became a member of FCN

( Farmers Crisis Network )  in Warwickshire.  He visits farmers who are in crisis due to financial problems.

  We are all Christians in the group, he says, and prayer plays an important part to our work.

Born in 1949 in a Welsh mining village, Sue grew up as a member of the Church in Wales.  She was duly christened and then confirmed almost as "rites of passage", but didn't meet with God and give her life to Christ until she was 32.  By then she was married to David, mother of their two daughters, Joanna and Alison, and living in Fazeley where her husband had been transferred by his employer to the Midlands.


Sue became aware that God was calling her to serve Him and her church family and in January 1991 was licensed as a Lay Reader.  Still God was calling her - not to be "apart", but "a part" of her church family as an ordained minister, assisting the stipendiary minister of the parish.  Sue was ordained deacon in 2001 and priested in June 2002.


Rev Rob Davies NSM

Rev Sue Rowley OLM

Now she is a widow and her daughters have homes of their own but continues to serve the family of God in the parish of Fazeley with Mile Oak, constantly encouraged by the clear evidence of the love of God at work in His church and this community