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Weekly Services

With a least one service at each of the four Peel Parish churches every Sunday, we have many different types of worship taking place each week. Here you can find further information about the worship styles, so you can choose which one will best suit you!

At the Peel Parishes we know that children are an important part of our church family. We have a number of services and special groups tailored to our young friends needs that also help give parents and care givers the opportunity to join us and worship.


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Whether you enjoy lively, contemporary worship songs or are looking for a creative and challenging way of looking at God's word, we have regular services to suit you.


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In addition to having at least one Communion service within the Peel Parishes each week, we also have other regular, traditional worship services.


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Quiet & Contemplative

If you would like to join us for a quiet and reflective service, please click here for more details.