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                        THE CELEBATION

                                  OF A

                         NEW MINISTRY


Jonathan Amy & familey


The Evening was really something, The Church was full, not only Parishioners of the three Parishes and Dignitaries, but of excited expectation and togetherness. As with Church tradition, the new Vicar tolled the Church Bell to signify his Induction to the Parishes, it was noted He rang the Bell four lots of five, to indicate the amount of years he intends being with us.

The song YOU RAISE ME UP, was sung with great feeling, since we pray that God really does Raise us up, on our journey together.



The Institution and Induction


Revd. Jonathan Richard Iddon


Vicar of Fazeley and of Canwell

and Rector of Drayton Bassett


   The Rt Revd. Clive Gregory

    Bishop of Wolverhampton


     3rd September 2013

bell-cote 1 bell-cote 3 bell-cote 2 bell-cote 4 bell-cote 5 bell-cote 6 2013-06-30 12.10.04 1372590615150

                      The Church Bell-Cote


In the autumn of 2012 we suffered damage to the stonework of the bell-cote when storms caused a large piece of stone to come loose and fall, striking the roof on its way down damaging slates.

For several months we have had to have the warnings before early in 2013 we were able to bring in an aerial platform (cherry-picker) to try and examine the damage. We were joined by our local Member of Parliament Christopher Pincher but unfortunately we were not able to get close enough.

In June of 2013 we eventually had to erect scaffolding and were able to carry-out repairs. At the same time we were able to examine the bell, only to find severe rot and corrosion had made it unsafe.


The bell, a single bell in bell cote weighs 3cwt. Casttin the Whitechapel Bell Foundry. The striker had been removed.

The bell hung on twin straps around an oak hinge beam with iron end rings (approx 100mm dia) let into sockets in stone. Both were extremely weak due to rot or corrosion. The bell has not been rung since the 1970’s and now considered unsafe to ring without checking and possible replacement of hinge beam.

The bell has now been taken down and rests in the church awaiting funds to refurbish it prior to rehanging.


Whilst scaffolding was in place, our new vicar, Rev. Jonathan Iddon was able to go on to the roof to examine damage with warden, Mike Crick, Parish Administrator Carol Graham.